Contact Umbrella Support

If you have an outstanding issue you'd like further help with, you can open a ticket with Umbrella Support. You can also contact Umbrella Support through email.

Opening a ticket through the Umbrella dashboard can be useful if you use email aliases without actual mailboxes as your login to the Umbrella dashboard. This can cause issues when interacting with the Umbrella Support team through email. The Umbrella Support team also requires, on occasion, permission from a Full Admin to access the Umbrella dashboard for troubleshooting purposes. If there is no attached email mailbox to an email alias, Umbrella Support is unable to gain permission for access.

Before You Contact Support


  • To grant Support permission to access your Umbrella dashboard, you must have Full Admin user privileges. See Manage User Roles.


  1. From the navigation menu, click Support Platform.
  1. Click Submit a request to open a new ticket with Umbrella Support.
  1. A form asking for information about your request appears. Enter the subject and details of your request.

In your support case, include as much detail as possible, including screenshots of the behavior. Include when the issue started, its severity and impact, and the results of the diagnostic tool. If the issue requires immediate attention, contact Support through phone rather than email.

In the description of your case, you may want to answer questions such as:

  • When did the problem first start?
  • Was Umbrella working but stopped at some point?
  • Does the start of the issue align with any changes or updates?
  • Does the issue impact all users? If not all users are impacted, are there any similarities among affected users?
  • What are the OS, browser, and software versions involved?
  • Is the issue reproducible at will or sporadic?
  1. To view the status of your current tickets, click your username and choose Activities.

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