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Enable File Inspection

  1. Navigate to Policies > Management > DNS Policies and click Add or expand an existing policy. If you're creating a new policy, select the Identities that will use file inspection and then click Next.
  1. Under What should this policy do, select Inspect Files.

Ensure that the intelligent proxy is enabled. Although not required, we recommend enabling SSL decryption. Adding SSL decryption allows for both types of traffic (secure and insecure) to be proxied and for those files to be inspected. If you're editing an existing policy, confirm that File Inspection is enabled on the summary page (under Advanced Settings) after you’ve enabled the intelligent proxy.

Cisco Umbrella Root Certificate

The Cisco Umbrella root certificate must be installed on all machines with SSL decryption included in their file inspection policy. For more information, see Cisco Certificate Import.

To test SSL decryption with file inspection, use

  1. Proceed through the policy wizard and when you reach the File Analysis step Enable File Inspection.
  2. Complete the wizard and click Save.
    If you're testing, ensure that the policy with file inspection enabled in it is at or near the top of the policy list so that the policy takes precedence.

Manage File Inspection < Enable File Inspection > Test File Inspection

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Enable File Inspection

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