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G Suite Identity Service

Google Directory services (G Suite) integration supplements the Umbrella Chromebook client by providing G Suite user and Organization Unit information for each applicable DNS request.

You use the Google Admin console to manage your users and Chromebooks. A common practice is to create logical groups of users such as Staff and Students, and subgroups such as high school and middle school students in order to apply different policies for internet access and content filtering.

By integrating G Suite with Umbrella, Organization Unit and user mappings from G Suite are listed as the following identity types:

  • G Suite OUs
  • G Suite Users

When you add a policy that includes a G Suite OU identity, it is applied to all users who are members of that Organization Unit.

To use the G Suite identity service, update your config file with the G Suite flag:

	"googleDirectoryService": {
    	"Value": true
	"organizationInfo": {
    	"Value": {
        	"organizationId": 1234567,
        	"regToken": "token value"
	"publicSession": {
    	"Value": false
	"vaIPs": {
    	"Value": []
	"vaInfo": {
    	"Value": [
            	"FQDN": "",
            	"IP": "x.x.x.x"

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G Suite Identity Service

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