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Deploy the G Suite Identity Service

The G Suite identity service feature is an enhancement to the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client and adds the Organizational Unit (OU)-based Umbrella policy enforcement capabilities. For more information, see G Suite Identity Service.

Known Limitations

  • G Suite identities-based policy and enforcement is supported only on Chromebooks with Umbrella Chromebook client software.
  • Google OU and User information updates can take up to 60 mins to appear in the Cisco Umbrella dashboard.
  • New customers onboarding with the G Suite identity service for Chromebook client for more than 250K identities must create a support case ([email protected]). A support case is not required for existing G Suite users.
  • Only G Suite Users and OUs can be imported. G Suite Groups are not supported for import to Umbrella.


  • The G Suite administrator account must have full administrative privileges on the Umbrella dashboard.

Enable the G Suite Identity Service

Enabling the G Suite identity service for the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client requires the following steps:

To use the G Suite identity service, update your config file with the G Suite flag.

  "googleDirectoryService": {
   	 "Value": true

Install the Cisco Umbrella Authorizer App

The Cisco Umbrella Authorizer marketplace application authorizes the scopes needed by Umbrella to retrieve information from your G Suite account.

  1. Open your G Suite administration console, using the super administrator ID.
  2. Navigate to the app in the Google marketplace.
  1. Click Domain Install and in the dialog that appears, click Accept.

You can review detailed information about the scopes required.

Step 2: Enter Your G Suite Super Administrator ID in the Umbrella Dashboard

  1. In Cisco Umbrella, navigate to Deployments > Chromebook Users.
  2. Click Configure. The Configure Chromebook Umbrella Clients window appears.
  1. Click Super Admin Sign In and in the dialog that appears, select the super administrator account.
  1. Sign in to sync your G Suite identities with Cisco Umbrella. This can take up to 60 minutes.
    The Umbrella Policies page displays two new identities: G Suite OUs and G Suite Users.

Remove Cisco Chromebook Client Software < Deploy the G Suite Identity Service > Add a Chromebook Specific Policy

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Deploy the G Suite Identity Service

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