Identity Details

An identity report provides a focused view of an identity's activities for a selected time period.



View an Identity Report

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Additional Reports > Top Identities and click an identity.
  1. Choose a time period within which to view results. These details can be filtered by the last 24 hours, yesterday, last seven days, last 30 days, or a custom range within the last 30 days.
  1. View requests made by this identity.
    This graph illustrates the number of blocked and allowed requests for this identity in the selected period of time. At the top, the graph displays the total number of requests for the selected time period. You can toggle between showing both blocked and allowed, only one, or the other.
  1. Hover over a time on the graph to see further details.
    Clicking a point along the graph redirects you to the Activity Search Report, which is filtered by this identity and response—blocked or allowed.
  • Date and Time—The date and time selected.
  • Blocked—The number of blocked requests for this identity at this selected time (if selected in the graph).
  • Allowed—The number of allowed requests for this identity at this selected time (if selected in the graph).

The dotted line provides available data that is still being processed. Hover over a point along the graph to see how many requests are currently processed.

  1. View the top destinations for this identity.
    The Top Destinations lists requests that this identity has made to destinations. You can either view all destination requests made or specific requests that pose a security risk. Clicking View All Destinations takes you to the Top Destinations Report.
  1. View the top categories for this identity.
    The Top Categories lists the categories associated with destination requests made by this identity. You can view all the categories, categories by content, or categories that pose a security risk based on the destination requests. Clicking View All Categories brings you to the Top Categories Report.
  1. View the recent activity for this identity.
    Recent Activity enables you to investigate DNS activity for the identity. You can see the destinations requested by the identity, the response to that request (blocked or allowed), and the IP from which the request originated. Viewing this information can help you make decisions about how to maintain your destination lists.

You can toggle the number of results seen on the Recent Activity page or skip to a different page number to see activities from other dates and times.


Clicking View All Activity will bring you to the Activity Search Report filtered by this identity.

Top Identities Report < Identity Details > Admin Audit Log Report