Block Apps

You can block applications through settings and policies, or through the App Discovery Report. Application settings is a policy component that enables you to control supported apps, regardless of usage, at the policy level. The App Discovery report allows you to review apps and control apps individually.

To control an application, you must first enable the application within an Umbrella policy. If an app is not present in an application list setting or does not have the Edit app controls or Control this app option in the App Discovery report, you cannot block the app. If you need to block an app that is not found in Umbrella, contact [email protected] to request it. For more information about the applications managed by Umbrella, see Controllable Apps.

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  1. Navigate to Reporting > Core Reports > App Discovery.
  1. From the overview, click the number of unreviewed apps.
  1. In the App Grid under the Controllable Apps filter, choose All Controllable Apps or Advanced Controls.
    Note: Read-only users do not have access to the options under Controllable Apps.
  1. Choose an app to control and click Edit App Controls or Control This App to open the app details.
  • Control This App—Only available when Block or Allow have not been configured for this app. If the app setting is configured but has not yet been applied to a policy, a red tooltip appears.
  • Edit App Controls—Only available when the app has previously configured application settings and you can enable advanced activities for the application.
  1. Choose the application lists to add to the app and whether to Block or Allow the applications. You can only add application lists that are currently active in a policy. Click Save.

Configure Application Settings for a Policy

You can also block application categories or specific apps by configuring Application Settings in a policy. For a full list of application categories, see Application Categories.

  • To enable application controls, you must apply the application setting to a policy. For more information about policies and how to configure App settings, see Manage Policies.
  • To configure application settings in a policy, see Configure Application Settings.

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