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Cisco Umbrella Investigate provides detection, scoring, and prediction of emerging threats. You can predict the likelihood that a domain, an IP address, or entire ASN may contribute to the origin of an attack or pose a security threat before an attack or threat occurs. Umbrella Investigate is based on domain information gathered by the Umbrella Global Network. For more information, see Umbrella Global Network, the world’s largest security network.

In the past, internet security has been largely predicated on researchers obtaining a sample of an attack, a binary file, or an exploit and then publishing the static detection after the attack. For the most part, methods are still reactive: infections occur and then detection happens. Umbrella Investigate leverages an extraordinary amount of data from the Umbrella security network and applies big data storage, data mining methods, machine learning, graph theory, vector analysis, anomaly detection, contextual search, and scoring to categorize and predict attacks before they occur.

Access Umbrella Investigate

You access Umbrella Investigate through the Umbrella dashboard or the Umbrella Investigate API.

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