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FAQ: G Suite Identity Service

1. What is the G Suite identity service?

G Suite identity service is an enhancement to the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client. It enables you to use Umbrella policy enforcement based on your G Suite Organizational Units (OUs).

2. What licenses do I need to use this feature?

The G Suite identity service is part of these Cisco Umbrella licenses:

3. What Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client versions are required for the G Suite identity service?

Versions 1.2.8 and above of the Chromebook client extension and app.

4. Why is the G Suite super administrator's ID needed to enable this?

To query Google Directory Services using their API, Google requires the super administrator ID. Umbrella uses this ID only for querying OU/User mapping from the Google Directory Server.

5. How long does it take for G Suite identities to appear in the Umbrella dashboard?

Google Admin Console OU/User information updates can take up to 60 minutes to appear in the Cisco Umbrella dashboard.

6. Can I use the G Suite identities feature without having the Umbrella Chromebook client?

No. At present, G Suite identities can be used only with the Umbrella Chromebook client.

7. How do I configure this service?

Follow the instructions in the G Suite Deployment Guide.

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FAQ: G Suite Identity Service

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