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FAQ: G Suite Identity Service

1. What is the G Suite identity service?

G Suite identity service is an enhancement to the Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client. It enables you to use Umbrella policy enforcement based on your G Suite Organizational Units (OUs).

2. What licenses do I need to use this feature?

The G Suite identity service is part of these Cisco Umbrella licenses:

  • Umbrella EDU
  • Umbrella Insights
  • Umbrella Platform

The G Suite identity service is also part of the new Umbrella licensing model introduced at the end of July, 2019 (DNS essential, DNS advantage, SIG essentials, and SIG advantage).

3. What Cisco Umbrella Chromebook client versions are required for the G Suite identity service?

Versions 1.2.8 and above of the Chromebook client extension and app.

4. Why is the G Suite super administrator's ID needed to enable this?

To query Google Directory Services using their API, Google requires the super administrator ID. Umbrella uses this ID only for querying OU/User mapping from the Google Directory Server.

5. How long does it take for G Suite identities to appear in the Umbrella dashboard?

Google Admin Console OU/User information updates can take up to 15 minutes to appear in the Cisco Umbrella dashboard.

6. Can I use the G Suite identities feature without having the Umbrella Chromebook client?

No. At present, G Suite identities can be used only with the Umbrella Chromebook client.

7. How do I configure this service?

Follow the instructions in the G Suite Deployment Guide.

FAQ: G Suite Identity Service

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