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Enable the Intelligent Proxy

Umbrella's intelligent proxy intercepts and proxies requests for URLs, potentially malicious files, and domain names associated with certain uncategorized or unknown domains. Enabling the intelligent proxy allows you to protect your devices even beyond your corporate network. It also scales with the internet, without sacrificing security or speed.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Management > All Policies and click Add or expand an existing policy.
  1. Navigate to Advanced Settings.
    Advanced Settings is accessed from the Policy wizard's What should this policy do step or Summary page.
  1. Under Advanced Settings, toggle on Enable Intelligent Proxy.

  1. Optionally, select SSL Decryption.
    Allows the intelligent proxy to inspect traffic over HTTPS and block custom URLs in destination lists.
    When selected, the following are also available:
    • Root Certificate—You must download and install the Cisco Umbrella root certificate to all computers. Without this certificate, HTTPS and SSL connections will break.
      a. Expand Root Certificate and click Download Certificate.
      b. Install the certificate. For more information, see Manage the Cisco Umbrella Root Certificate.
    • Selective Decryption—Create a list of content categories to exclude from inspection by the intelligent proxy.
      a. Expand Selective Decryption and click Create List.
      b. Select content categories to exempt from being proxied—inspected—and click Save.
      Note: The categories Terrorism, Internet Watch Foundation, and German Youth Protection are excluded from this list and are always proxied.
  1. Click Save or Next.
    To disable the intelligent proxy for testing, or for a group of users, simply un-toggle the option and apply changes.

Once enabled, it's a good idea to check whether it's working as expected. For more information, see Test the Intelligent Proxy.

Manage the Intelligent Proxy < Enable the Intelligent Proxy > Test the Intelligent Proxy

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Enable the Intelligent Proxy

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