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Wildcards and Destination Lists

Every domain in a block or allow destination list has an implied left side and right side wildcard.
Note: Asterisks (*) are not supported.

Allow or Block List Entry
Implied Wildcard





It is not possible to use an asterisk to wildcard a different part of the domain. The following will not work:

  • *
  • subdomain.*.com
  • sub*.com
  • domain.*

Adding to an allow list results in requests to or its subdomains, such as, being allowed. The result is the same for blocklists.

Wildcards also support top-level domains (TLDs), to allow broad allows or blocks. Use caution as adding a TLD to an allow list may open your network to malware threats, and adding a TLD to a block list may block more than expected due to CNAMEs and CDNs.

Regular Expressions Not Supported

Regular expressions in URL paths are not supported.

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Wildcards and Destination Lists

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