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Overview Report

The Centralized Reports > Overview report is designed to give you a quick snapshot of two key features for all your organizations: Activity Volume, and Deployment and Health Status.

Activity Volume

Activity Volume is similar to the Activity Volume report for an individual organization's Umbrella dashboard, but now it contains the totality of all traffic from all organizationss. You can filter against specific types of traffic by clicking the buttons related to that type. To display or hide a traffic type, simply click the label in the legend.

Here's an example of the total traffic with only the Security: Prevent and Security: Contain categories selected for a period of seven days.

Deployment and Health Status

The deployment and health status section is found below the Activity Volume graph. It's a pie-chart style report covering the networks, Umbrella roaming clients, and virtual appliances (VAs) deployed across your organizations's environments.

The green part of the pie chart shows the number of identities that have made at least one DNS query over the specified date range; whereas, the red part shows the number of inactive identities—identities that have made zero DNS queries over the specified date range. Having identities in the red 'inactive' area might indicate a misconfiguration such as an incorrect IP address specified for a network or an Umbrella roaming client that has been uninstalled. Hovering over the pie chart or the information icon will display how many active or inactive components there are across your total number of organizations.

Finally, in the Organizations area, you can review the percentages and number of organizations that have made a deployment and jump to the Deployment Status report where you can drill down to more detail about exactly which organizations are identified in these statistics so you can remediate issues or install additional seats as necessary.

Overview Report

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