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Manage Destination Lists

A destination list is a list of internet destinations that can be blocked or allowed based on the administrative preferences for the policies applied to the identities within your organization. A destination is an IP address (IPv4), URL, or fully qualified domain name. You can add a destination list to Umbrella at any time; however, a destination list does not come into use until it is added to a policy.

Note: URLs are only supported for Block lists while IP addresses are only supported for Allow lists. IP addresses added to the Allow lists must have IP Layer Enforcement enabled for the policy.

If a Destination List Entry Doesn't Fully Unblock or Allow a Page

Web pages utilize many different domains, and a content domain may be responsible for the remaining blocks. For more information, see Allow/Blocking a Site (Best Practice).

Application Categories < Manage Destination Lists > Add a Destination List

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Manage Destination Lists

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