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Working with Destination Lists

A destination list is a list of internet destinations that can be blocked or allowed based on the administrative preferences for the policies applied to the identities within your organization. A destination is an IP address, URL, or fully qualified domain name. URLs are only supported for Block lists while IP addresses are only supported for Allow lists.

Allow list entries always take precedence over block list entries. Allow lists also take precedence over security related blocks, so if you feel a domain is being blocked incorrectly, adding it to an allow list allows access. For example:

  • Blocking and adding to the Allow List will still allow
  • Adding to the Allow List and blocking will still allow
  • Adding to a block list, and to an Allow list, assuming both lists are applied to the same policy, results in Umbrella allowing access to

We recommend adding domains in the format "" rather than to ensure * is included (a wildcard is implicit). However, if you only wish to block, then be more specific when you define the entry here.

If a Destination List Entry Doesn't Fully Unblock or Allow a Page

Web pages utilize many different domains, and a content domain may be responsible for the remaining blocks. For more information, see Allow/Blocking a Site (Best Practice).

Application Settings < Working with Destination Lists > Add a New Destination List to a Policy