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Total Requests Report

The Total Requests Report provides a visualization of traffic over a given time period. Based on selected categories, traffic type, and responses, you can see what traffic trends occur in your environment.

View Trends in the Total Requests Report

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Additional Reports > Total Requests.
    You will see filters to the left of the trend graph.
  1. Choose a time frame to view the report's results.
    The Total Requests Report can be filtered by time: the last 24 hours, the previous calendar day (yesterday), the last seven days, and the last month.
  1. Filter the results by the type of response.
    You can filter by Blocked requests or Allowed requests. By default, nothing is selected, so all responses are shown.
  1. Filter by specific identity types and click Apply.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific identity to filter your results, enter it in the search bar.

  1. Filter by specific security categories and click Apply.
    For more information about security categories, see DNS Security Category Definitions and Web Security Category Definitions.
  1. Filter by specific content categories and click Apply.
    For a full list of content categories, see Manage DNS Content Categories and Manage Web Content Categories.

Once all filters have been selected and applied the trend graph will update to reflect the appropriate total request data. When no security or content categories are selected, the graph remains a line that reflects the time frame, responses, and identity types selected.

Hovering on a point on the graph will show the date, time and number of requests for that timestamp.

When you do filter by security and/or content categories the trend graph will change to a bar graph of the requests for those categories within the selected time frame and other filters. Categories can be stacked if multiple categories showed traffic for those dates by clicking the Stack Categories checkbox.

Hovering on a category for a specific date and time will show the total requests for that category as well as the overall total requests for that timestamp.

You can also choose to view the categories unstacked, by unchecking the Stack Categories checkbox.

Hovering on a point on the graph will show the total requests for that category at that time.

Clicking a category on either graph type will redirect you to the Category Details for that category.

Threat Type Definitions < Total Requests Report > Activity Volume Report

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Total Requests Report

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