Meraki Cloud-Managed Networks and Umbrella DNS

As the administrator of a Meraki Device, you can add an additional layer of DNS security to your Meraki device through a connection to Umbrella.


Integrate Meraki and Umbrella

The Meraki MR26.1 firmware enables you to apply Umbrella security policies within the Meraki dashboard. For more information about Meraki firmware versions, contact Meraki Support.

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Integrate Meraki with Cisco Umbrella

When you integrate the Meraki Dashboard and Umbrella DNS, clients connected to Meraki Access Points can filter their DNS traffic through the Umbrella DNS service. You can also configure Umbrella DNS filtering for wireless clients that are assigned to a Group Policy in the Meraki dashboard.

This integration allows administrators to apply and modify DNS-based filtering rules to multiple groups of clients on their network by simply assigning a filtering policy to a specific SSID or Group Policy. Once assigned, all DNS requests from clients under that policy are automatically redirected to the Umbrella DNS service. Each client request is checked against the appropriate policy configured for the network device (Meraki SSID or Group Policy) in the Umbrella dashboard.

Note: This feature requires the MR26.1+ firmware version. For more information, see Manually Integrating Cisco Umbrella with Meraki Networks.

Configure Meraki to Use Cisco Umbrella

The procedures in this section are for customers who do not have the MR26.0 firmware enabled.

You can configure the Meraki network to use the Umbrella IP addresses: and See Set Up Umbrella for a Meraki Network.

Additionally, if you are using a DNS forwarder as the primary DNS server for your network, you can update Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2012 Server or BIND Server to use Umbrella. See Configure DNS Forwarder for Umbrella.

Once you configure your Meraki infrastructure to point to Umbrella, you can sign up for either a free premium DNS account or a free 14-day trial of Umbrella.

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