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View App Details

The details page for an app lists summary information about the app and its risk score.



  1. Navigate to Reporting > Additional Reports > App Discovery and click the name of an app to view its details for the last 90 days.
  1. View the initial details of the app, including the name and a description of the app.
  • Risk Score—The overall score calculated from the risk details.
  • Label—Unreviewed, Approved, not Approved or Under Audit. Click Control this app to edit the label or control the app. For more details, see Block Apps.
  • App URL—The URL of the app.
  • Category—The category the app falls under. Fore more information, see Application Categories.
  • Identities—The number of identities that accessed the app.
  • Vendor—The owner of the app.
  • Traffic—The number of bytes of total traffic and bytes blocked.
  • DNS Requests—The total number of DNS requests and the percentage of requests blocked by Umbrella.
  • First Detected—The date the app was first detected.
  • Last detected—The date the app was last detected.

  1. View the risk details.
    The risk details shows the app's risk score and how it was calculated, including Business Risk, Usage Risk, and Vendor Compliance.
  1. View which identities have made DNS requests and traffic for this app.
    Click the Download CSV icon to download this information as a CSV file.

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View App Details

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