Manage Domains

Domain Management is used to list domains for traffic that should not route directly to Umbrella. The entries in the domains list use your local resolvers instead of the Umbrella resolvers. The internal domains list cannot exceed 5000 entries. For more information about managing domains, see Add Domains.

Unless you add internally-hosted domains to the internal domains list, all DNS queries are sent directly to Umbrella, and as a result, traffic cannot reach your network's local resources (for example, computers, servers, printers) on internally-hosted domains that rely on local DNS servers.

You can apply Internal Domains to all sites, all devices—roaming clients and mobile devices, or both sites and devices. For example, you can apply domains to sites and not devices (or the other way around), so only traffic from sites use your local resolvers.

  • All Sites—Umbrella sites are separate, unique locations or networks, which do not have a direct connection to another of your locations or networks. To learn more about sites, see Internal Networks Guide.
  • All Devices—Devices refer to Umbrella roaming clients and mobile devices.

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