Chromebook Client FAQ

Q: Does the Umbrella Chromebook client work in the Chrome browser for Windows or macOS?
A: No, the Umbrella Chromebook client is designed specifically for Chrome OS and does not function with other operating systems.

Q: Do I need the Google Admin console to install the Umbrella Chromebook client?
A: Yes, you must install the Umbrella Chromebook client from the Google Admin console and upload the JSON file for your Umbrella organization. Note that extensions are unlisted on the Chrome store and manual installation on the Chrome browser can break the functionality of the Umbrella Chromebook client.

Q: Does the Umbrella Chromebook client proxy internet traffic?
A: No, the Umbrella Chromebook client does not proxy traffic. The client only provides DNS layer security by sending DNS queries to Umbrella Resolvers.

Q: Is the intelligent proxy supported by the Umbrella Chromebook client?
A: No, the intelligent proxy is not supported.

Q: Is SafeSearch supported?
A: No, SafeSearch is not supported.

Q: Are Custom Block pages supported?
A: No, Custom Block pages are not supported.

Q: How do I know that my Chromebook users are protected?
A: To confirm that a user is protected by the Umbrella Chromebook client, navigate to from the user's Chrome browser. If an Umbrella block page appears, the client is working.

Q: Can I use to confirm that the Umbrella Chromebook client is working?
A: No. is not currently supported.

Q: How is the Umbrella Chromebook client updated?
A: Google is responsible for updating the software in Chromebooks. When Cisco updates the Umbrella Chromebook client in the Chrome Web Store, the upgrade is automatically pushed by Google. This process can take several hours.

Q: What is trusted network detection?
A: Trusted network detection enables the Umbrella Chromebook client for Umbrella virtual appliances (VAs). In a situation where a network can be trusted because it is protected by VAs (for example, in an on-premise network), a Chromebook-specific policy can take precedence over the existing network policy. For more information, see Enable Trusted Network Detection.

Q: Are public profiles supported?
A: Yes, managed guest session or public session is supported for the Umbrella Chromebook client. For more information, see Filter Content with Public Session Support.

Q: Is kiosk mode supported?
A: No. Kiosk mode is not supported.

Q: What are the different features supported by the Umbrella Chromebook client and the Umbrella roaming client?
A: The Umbrella Chromebook client does not include all of the functions supported by the Umbrella roaming client.

FeatureUmbrella Chromebook ClientUmbrella Roaming Client
OS SupportChrome OSWindows and macOS
DNS-layer security blocks phishing and malicious domainsYesYes
DNS logs augmented with endpoint IP informationYesYes
Intelligent proxyNoYes
EDNS message encryption between client and resolverNoYes
Customizable block pageNoYes
User email IDs included in logsYesNo
User-based policiesYesYes
Organization-wide policiesYesYes
Group-based policiesYesYes
Internal domainsNoYes

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