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Enable SSO with Azure

To enable SAML in Azure for Umbrella, you can either set it up in Umbrella, set it up in Azure or both. For more information on how SAML integration works with Umbrella, see Enable Single sign-On.

Integration Steps

  1. In Umbrella, navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  2. Click Enable SAML in the table to expand it.
  1. Select Azure from the list of providers and click Next.
  1. From the Instructions tab, follow instructions as listed. You'll be asked to provide the provider metadata. To gather the metadata from Azure, log into your Azure dashboard.
    To configure SAML for Azure follow the instructions on Microsoft's website.
  2. Once you've completed the application setup, return to Umbrella, navigate to Settings > Authentication and proceed to step 3 Upload Metadata.
  1. Click Choose File, select the metadata file you downloaded from Azure and click then Next.
  2. Click Test Your SAML Configuration and enter the Umbrella email for your current logged in user that was added to the Azure application. After the test completes, a success message should be displayed.

Enable SSO with OneLogin < Enable SSO with Azure] > Enable SSO with Other IDPs

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Enable SSO with Azure

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