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Enable SSO with Duo

The following assumes that Duo Access Gateway has been configured. See Duo's documentation for instructions on configuring Deploy or Update Duo Access Gateway.

For information on how to enable SSO with other providers, see Enable Single sign-On.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  2. In the SAML Dashboard User Configuration section, click Enable SAML.
  1. Select Other and click Next.
  1. On the Cisco Umbrella Metadata step, click Next.
  2. Follow Duo's documentation to download the Duo Access Gateway XML metadata. Upload the dag.xml file.
  3. Click Test Configuration. A pop-up appears and requests an email address to test the SSO Login. Add your email address and click Login via SAML. This redirects to the Duo Access Gateway login page. After logging in, you will see a "Success" message. Close this window and click Next.
  1. Confirm you have read and understood the warning, then click Save Configuration and Notify Users.

Your Umbrella dashboard now uses Duo Access Gateway for SSO.

Enable Single Sign-On < Enable SSO with Duo

Updated 2 months ago

Enable SSO with Duo

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