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Migrate Content Categories

To align with Cisco Talos's content categories, Umbrella is updating the naming and organization of destinations into new content categories. While some categories have simply been added or had a name upgrade, others have had classification changes as well. Some destinations that are currently in specific categories will no longer be classified in those categories and must be manually updated. For example, destinations previously classified as Blogs in Umbrella's content category, may not all be classified as Online Communities in Talos's category. Categories that were previously available but either already were a match for Talos categories (such as Dating, Games, Politics) or already were Talos categories (such as Illegal Drugs, Online Storage and Backup) do not need to be migrated and will appear as Content Categories, not Legacy Content Categories.

For more information about content category changes, see Changes to Content Categories.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Management > All Policies.

A message displays that content category migration is incomplete. Policies affected by categories that need to be migrated display a warning icon.

  1. Click Migrate Content Categories.
    The Content Category Migration Tool Opens.
  2. Click Next.
  1. Select Legacy Category or individual content categories and click Next.

Each category lists policies, identities, and destinations affected by the migration. Hover over the policies to see a list of policies affected.

Click a category name to see more information about the migration's impact.

  • [Legacy category] destinations not classified as [New category]—Destinations previously classified under Umbrella's legacy category will not be affected by policies with the new Talos category.
  • [Legacy category] destinations also classified as [New category]—Destinations that are classified under both the legacy Umbrella category and the Talos category and should not be affected in policies.
  • [New category] destinations not classified as [Legacy category]—Destinations that were not covered under umbrella's legacy category that will now be tracked under Talos's category.

Hover over the number of affected destinations to see the domain list. You can also copy the list to your clipboard.

  1. Check Confirm Migration and click Migrate.

Changes to Content Categories < Migrate Content Categories > Dispute a Content Category Classification

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Migrate Content Categories

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