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Networks and Identities

Q: Is it necessary to differentiate all your networks or locations?

A: This depends on how you want to apply your policies and review activity in reports. You can have one Network Range included but internally you can have traffic from a guest identity forward to a specific public IP address and a production identity forward to a different address. Thus you can set up separate network identities, which enables you to apply separate policies for Guest vs Production. This will serve as a filter in reports.

Q: Is it useful for our internal network, which is broken down into separate VLANs, to have each location (or VLAN) listed under deployments?

A: Internal networks identify traffic from different VLANs only when you deploy Virtual Appliances (VAs). VA are used to identify traffic from endpoints based on Internal IP addresses. Without the VA, all traffic is seen from the network (the public IP address).

Roaming Client

Q: Is there a silent installation for the roaming client?

A: Yes. Refer to the README file included in the roaming client ZIP file for details about advanced installation options, including a silent option.

Q: In our organization, laptops are sometimes transferred to different users and the computer name is changed. When the computer name changes, is that change be reflected in Umbrella?

A: No. If the laptop is deployed with the roaming client then the computer name is registered during installation. Changing the computer name requires that the roaming client be reinstalled.

Q: Are roaming clients licensed per device?

A: Umbrella is licensed per seat, and that includes roaming client deployments.

Umbrella Settings

Q: Is it possible to change the time zone?

A: Time zone is controlled by the Umbrella administration user. To adjust the time zone setting, navigate to Administration > Accounts.

Cisco Certificate

Q: Is it possible to use our own Enterprise CA rather than the Cisco Umbrella certificate?

A: Unfortunately no. The certificate is dynamically generated when using the Cisco Umbrella proxy servers.

Q: Is it possible to issue an intermediate CA certificate to Umbrella to use?

A: Unfortunately this is not an option at present.

Q: Where can I find more information about installing the certificate company-wide?

A: For more information on certificate deployment, refer to Installing the Cisco Certificate.

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Getting Started FAQ

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