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Networks and Identities

Q: Is it necessary to differentiate all of your networks or locations?

A: The answer depends on how you want to apply your policies and review activity in reports. You can have one Network Range included but internally have traffic from a guest identity forward to a specific public IP address and a production identity forward to a different address. You can thus set up separate network identities, which enables you to apply separate policies for Guest versus Production. These policies will serve as a filter in reports.

Q: Is it useful for our internal network, which is broken down into separate VLANs, to have each location (or VLAN) listed under deployments?

A: Internal networks identify traffic from different VLANs only when you deploy Virtual Appliances (VAs). Virtual Appliances are used to identify traffic from endpoints based on Internal IP addresses. Without a VA, all traffic is seen from the network (the public IP address).

Roaming Client

Q: Is there a silent installation for the roaming client?

A: Yes. Refer to the README file included in the roaming client ZIP file for details about advanced installation options, including a silent option.

Q: In our organization, laptops are sometimes transferred to different users and the computer name is changed. When the computer name changes, is that change reflected in Umbrella?

A: No. If the laptop is deployed with the roaming client then the computer name is registered during installation. Changing the computer name requires that the roaming client be reinstalled.

Q: Are roaming clients licensed per device?

A: Umbrella is licensed per seat, and that includes roaming client deployments.

Umbrella Settings

Q: Is it possible to change the time zone?

A: Time zone is controlled by the Umbrella administration user. To adjust the time zone setting, navigate to Administration > Accounts.

Cisco Certificate

Q: Is it possible to use our own Enterprise certificate authority (CA) instead of the Cisco Umbrella certificate?

A: Unfortunately no. The certificate is dynamically generated when using the Cisco Umbrella proxy servers.

Q: Is it possible to issue an intermediate certificate authority (CA) certificate to Umbrella to use?

A: Unfortunately this is not an option at present.

Q: Where can I find more information about installing the certificate company-wide?

A: For more information on certificate deployment, refer to Installing the Cisco Certificate.

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Get Started FAQ

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