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View the Highest Risk Apps

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Core Reports > App Discovery.
  2. From the overview, click the number of unreviewed apps. The App Grid appears depicting app data for the last 90 days.
  3. Filter the list by selecting Very High and/or High from the Risk menu. Only the riskiest apps will be listed.
  4. Filter the list by DNS Requests to display the apps with the highest number of requests at the top.

The apps at the top of the list should now represent the highest number of DNS requests made by the riskiest apps.

Note: The App Discovery report is used to help review apps in your environment. To block risky apps, you must configure application settings within a policy. For more information, see Manage Application Settings.

App Discovery Report < View the Highest Risk Apps > Review Apps in the Apps Grid

Updated 18 days ago

View the Highest Risk Apps

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