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MobileIron Configuration

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Add Cisco Security Connector to MobileIron MDM

Before registering MobileIron with Umbrella, add the Cisco Security Connector to your MobileIron MDM.

  1. Download the Umbrella root certificate and deploy that to the mobile device for registration. See instructions.
  2. In MobileIron, navigate to to the AMP console > Accounts > Business.
  3. Under Features, click MDM Integration, select MobileIron from the MDM Type drop-down, and click Save.

Configure the MobileIron Cloud

Currently, the MobileIron download on the dashboard supports the on-premise version only. The cloud version utilizes different device variables than the on-premise software. Deployment is very similar to on-premise, with several exceptions.

Ensure your admin email address is added to the dashboard under the Mobile Devices page's settings option.

  1. Download the Mobile Iron profile from the Umbrella dashboard.
  2. Replace the variable “$DEVICE_SN$” to ${deviceSN}
  3. Replace the variable “$DEVICE_MAC$” to ${deviceWifiMacAddress} (This is only used for the Clarity component of the CSC, not used for the Umbrella component. If you do not use Clarity, there will be no $DEVICE_MAC$ to replace.)

MobileIron Registration < MobileIron Configuration > Workspace ONE Registration

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MobileIron Configuration

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