Manage Console Settings

Console Settings gives you access to various administrative tasks you might be required to perform.


With Console Settings, an administrator has access to the following:

  • Admins—Allows you to add a new staff administrator to the Multi-org console. An administrator created in the Multi-org console has full admin-level control to all sub-organizations. If you would like to limit the new user to a single organization, we recommend that you access that organization and create a new login that is limited to just that organization. This might be used if an organization wants access to their reporting data. You can also enable two-step verification for your administrative accounts.
  • Audit Log—Records changes made by administrators to Multi-org console settings. This log works in the same fashion as the Admin Audit Log on an individual organization but is specific to the Multi-org console. An admin sees entries related to events generated within the Multi-org console. A typical action recorded would be the addition or deletion of an organization or seats assigned to an organization.
  • Contacts—Allows you to update your billing contact information. You can only have one billing contact. The initial contact is created when your account is first provisioned by Cisco. Once provisioned, you can change this information at any time. For more information, see Update Billing Contact.
  • Dashboard Co-branding—Allows you to add a graphic—such as a company logo—to the Umbrella dashboard and Multi-org console. You can also create a co-branded login page.
  • API Keys—Allows you to create an API key that is used for authentication to the Console Reporting API. For more information, see Umbrella API documentation.
  • Log Management—Allows you to store the DNS, URL and IP logs of your customers offline in cloud storage. The storage is in Amazon S3 and after the logs have been uploaded, they can be downloaded and kept for compliance reasons or security analysis. For more information, see Manage Logs.

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