Add a Network Device

A network device is any hardware device—for example, a router, switch, access point, or firewall—that can encrypt and route DNS traffic to Umbrella's recursive DNS servers. Some network devices provide these additional features:

  • Adding internal IP addresses to DNS requests.
  • Policy by network segment or service set identifier (SSID).

To integrate a network device with Umbrella, you must add your username and password, or Umbrella Network Devices API key and secret to the device and register the device. After you register your network device with Umbrella, the network device becomes an Umbrella identity that you can manage and set policies for. There is no need for any client device configuration.

Note: You can only deploy a network device on-network. You may deploy a network device as an alternative to an Umbrella virtual appliance (VA).

Table of Contents


  • Full admin privileges to create an Umbrella Network Devices API key. For information about the Umbrella roles, see Manage User Roles.


Step 1: Create a Network Devices API Key

  1. Navigate to Admin > API Keys.
  2. Create an Umbrella Network Device API key. For more information, see Network Devices and Policies API Authentication.

Step 2: Register a Network Device

  1. Register your username and password or your Umbrella Network Devices API key and secret with the network device. The network device uses the Umbrella Network Devices and Policies API to register with Umbrella. For more information, see Hardware Deployments.
  2. View the registered network device as an Umbrella identity under Deployments > Core Identities > Network Devices.

Step 3: Add Network Device to a DNS Policy

You can add a network device to a DNS policy in Umbrella or through the Umbrella Network Device and Policies API. For more information, see Add a Policy.

Step 4: Test Your Network Device Integration

Verify that your DNS connections are routed through Cisco Umbrella's global network. Navigate to the the following page in your client's browser: You should see the Welcome to Umbrella page.

To test your security settings, navigate to

If you are unable to view the Welcome to Umbrella page from your browser, contact Support.

Identity and DNS Deployment < Add a Network Device > Delete a Network Device