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Admin Audit Log Report

The Admin Audit log records changes that have been made by your administrative team in your organization's Umbrella settings. The Admin Audit log holds up to one year of information about changes that were made to your dashboard.

The Admin Audit log retains data for one year. This data includes any changes to things being added, modified or deleted. You can access data in 90-day increments.

The report includes:

  • the Date and Time of the change
  • the IP Address that made the change
  • the Admin User that was logged in
  • the Section or area of the dash that was changed
  • the Actions that were taken

Generate Admin Audit Log Report

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Management > Admin Audit Log.
  1. Configure filters and then click Run Filter.
    Filters provide more granular perspectives. You can filter by identity or setting, just input the first few characters and let it suggest which identity or setting you’d like to see the changes for.

Select a date range to see the changes for that period or select a user or the IP of the network that made the changes. The maximum supported range is 90 days.

The admin audit log includes:

  • Policies, Identities or Block Pages that were Created
  • Policies, Identities or Block Pages that were Changed
  • Policies, Identities or Block Pages that were Deleted

Note: Any identity or setting that was deleted or re-named as part of an admin change will not be searchable in the filter as it is no longer in the database. However, the change has still been recorded and can be filtered by the User, IP Address or time range.

To find out more about the change you're most interested in, click the link under the Action column for that change.

Identity Details < Admin Audit Log Report

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Admin Audit Log Report

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