Add Destinations in Bulk

You cannot perform a bulk upload when adding a new destination list that is not part of a policy.



The Umbrella uploader supports text files in the format of one domain per line. Before uploading domains, review your list for extra space characters, commas, and so on. Exceptions to the format of a single FQDN per line can result in errors.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Destination Lists.
  1. Expand a destination list and click Upload.
    The current uploader supports text files (.txt) in the format of one destination per line.
    Note: Excel files are not supported.
  1. Select or drag and drop a .txt file that contains your destinations and click Apply.
    Destinations are added to your destination list in bulk.
    Note: If your bulk upload includes unsupported destinations, the upload does not fail, but only supported destinations are successfully added. Unsupported destinations are returned to you in a downloadable spreadsheet that you can use to determine which destinations failed and why.
  1. Click Save.

Edit a Destination List < Add Destinations in Bulk > Download Destinations to a CSV File