Export Report Data to CSV

Some reports let you export the results of a query to the CSV format. This lets you create other reports and graphs by feeding this data to other tools.

Note: The timezone of exported data is always the timezone selected for your account. You can change this for your account under Admin > Accounts.

Exportable reports:

  • Activity Search
  • Top Destinations
  • Top Categories
  • Top Identities



  1. Navigate to Reporting > <report> and click Export CSV.
    The Export Report to CSV modal appears.
  1. Give your report a good meaningful title, add the number of rows of data you want returned, and click Export.
    Note: Data is limited to 1,000,000 rows when exporting to CSV. If your report exceeds 1,000,000 rows, consider re-running the report with a shorter, smaller time, or with a more granular filter. It's a good idea to check the last row of your first report, then re-run the report from that time period for the next chunk of data.
  1. When you click Export, you are taken to the Exported Reports page where you can download your CSV file.

Note: If the Date Created for your report reads Generating, you must wait until a date is displayed before you can download the report.

  1. Click the Download icon.
    Your CSV is automatically downloaded.

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