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Enable Cisco SecureX Sign-On

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  2. In the SAML Dashboard User Configuration section, click Enable SAML.
  3. Select Cisco SecureX Sign-On and click Next.

All Users in an Organization Org Must Have a Cisco SecureX Sign-On Account

Enabling Cisco SecureX Sign-On as a SAML provider requires a Cisco SecureX Sign-On account assigned to your Umbrella application. Any users without an account will not be able to authenticate to the Umbrella dashboard.

  1. Click Cisco SecureX Sign-On to create a Cisco SecureX Sign-On account and on the following window click Sign up. For more information about creating this account, see Cisco SecureX Sign-On Quickstart Guide.
  1. Once an account is created, return to step 2 of the configuration in Umbrella. Click Test Configuration.
  1. Sign in with the credentials provided when you created the Cisco SecureX Sign-In account.
  1. You are prompted to log in with Duo Security as the second factor of authentication.

There is an optional third factor of authentication with Google Authentication, but only Duo Security is mandatory. Once the authentication is complete a success modal appears:

  1. Dismiss the modal and return to step 2 of the configuration in Umbrella. If the configuration is complete, a success message appears.

Test Configuration

The Test Configuration must be performed and successful for the set-up to complete.

  1. Click Next. The third step of the configuration appears informing you:
    • This single sign-on service will now be required going forward.
    • Umbrella will send an email to all dashboard users (not end-users) and a message to all admins in the dashboard to inform them of the mandatory SSO and that passwords are no longer accepted.
    • If the SSO is disabled in the future all users will be emailed a link to reset their passwords as old passwords will not be accepted.
    • Block page bypass users will no longer function once SAML is enabled.
  2. Check both boxes to acknowledge the information and click Save and Notify Users. Both boxes are required to be checked before saving the configuration.

Cisco SecureX Sign-On is now enabled in your org. All users receive an email informing them of the required SSO.

Disabling the Cisco SecureX Sign-On

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  2. In the SAML Dashboard User Configuration section, you see that the status of SAML is currently Enabled. To disable the Cisco SecureX Sign-On click Disable.
  1. A message prompts you with more information on what will occur when SAML is disabled. To continue, click Disable SAML.

All dashboard users receive an email to reset their passwords when logging into Umbrella as old passwords will no longer be accepted.

Enable Two-Step Verification < Enable Cisco SecureX Sign-On > Enable Single Sign-On

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Enable Cisco SecureX Sign-On

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