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Push the Umbrella Certificate to Devices

Follow these steps to push the Umbrella certificate to managed devices.

  1. In Umbrella, navigate to Deployments > Configuration > Root Certificate menu.
  2. Click Download Certificate.
    For more information about installing the root certificate, see Manage the Cisco Umbrella Root Certificate.
  3. Push the root certificate to all your devices from the MDM admin panel so that block pages can be displayed.
    This allows block pages for HTTPS sites to appear correctly, enables HTTPS decryption if the Intelligent Proxy is used, and enables Trusted Network Detection if a VA is present.

Note: If there is an Umbrella VA in your network and you want to use Trusted Network Detection, configure the VA as detailed in Umbrella Virtual Appliance: Receiving user-IP mappings over a secure channel.

Troubleshooting < Push the Umbrella Certificate to Devices > Configure Cellular and Wifi Domains

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Push the Umbrella Certificate to Devices

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