Add a Destination List

You can add a destination list to Umbrella at any time; however, a destination list does not necessarily come into effect when first created. If you add a destination list through the policy wizard, that destination list immediately becomes part of that policy and thus immediately takes effect. If you add a new destination list outside of the policy wizard, you must add it to a policy before it comes into effect.

When adding new destination lists to Umbrella, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Allow destination lists always take precedence over block destination lists. Allow lists also take precedence over security-related blocks. Thus, if a domain is being blocked incorrectly, adding it to an Allow list allows access. For example:

  • Blocking and adding to the Allow List will still allow
  • Adding to the Allow List and blocking will still allow
  • Adding to a block list, and to an Allow list, assuming both lists are applied to the same policy, results in Umbrella allowing access to

Always add domains in the format "" rather than to ensure * is included (a wildcard is implicit). However, if you only wish to block, then be more specific when you define the entry here.

Note: Destination lists accept domain names encoded in Punycode. For more information, see Add Punycode Domain Name to Destination List.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Destination Lists and click Add.
  1. Give your destination list a good descriptive name, select Blocked or Allowed, add destinations, and then click Save.
    Note: There is a minimum three-character limit when searching for a destination list. We recommend that your destination list name be at least three characters long. For more information, see Search for a Destination List.

The Destination Lists page appears and is updated to list the new destination list.

Your new list can now be added to a policy through the policy wizard. Destination lists you add here can be added to new policies and policies that are already in use.

Manage Destination Lists < Add a Destination List > Edit a Destination List