Manage Content Categories


Content Categories Alignment with Cisco Talos

To align with Cisco Talos' Intelligence Categories, Umbrella is updating and migrating its content categories. Updates include the addition of new content categories, changes to current content categories, and the reclassification of some destinations.

You must migrate your content categories to Umbrella's new Talos-based content categories. For more information, see Migrate Content Categories.

Note: All new instances of Umbrella include Umbrella's new Talos-based content categories and no migration is needed.

Umbrella's content categories organize destinations—in this case, websites—by classifying them within content-based categories: for example, gambling, social networking, and alcohol. To block identity access to destinations that serve up content of a type (for example, pornography), you select content categories when adding policies—either by selecting individual content categories or pre-configured sets of content categories. For more information about these procedures, see Add a Policy and Add a Content Category Setting.

For a list of Umbrella's content categories and definitions, see Content Category Definitions and Legacy Content Category Definitions.

Limitations of Content Categories

Content categories only classify at the domain-layer. In other words, if a domain contains multiple types of content, a content category setting only blocks what the domain is categorized as, irrespective of what other types of content might be served through that domain.

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