Change Account Settings

You can view and update your account's settings at any time.


  1. Under your account's name in the navigation bar, click See Account.
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You can change the following account settings:

  • First Name/Last Name—Your first and last name. This is the name displayed in Umbrella's dashboard.
  • Email Address—The email address used to log into the dashboard.
  • Password—The password used to log in to the dashboard.
  • User Role—The user role of your account, which limits the scope of what you can do within the dashboard. Only Full Admins are able to change user roles. See Manage User Roles for more information.
  • Timezone—The timezone used in activity and reporting data shown within the dashboard. The timezone selection is unique to each account.
  • Language—The language used for all text within the dashboard. The language selection is unique to each account. By default, your browser's language setting is used.
  • Two-Step Verification—Indicates if two-step verification is enabled or disabled for your account. See Enable Two-Step Verification for more information.

Delete an Account < Change Account Settings > Hide Identities with De-identification