Bulk Upload Destinations

After you have created a destination list and saved it, you can go back to it and perform a bulk upload of destinations. You can upload up to 5000 destinations at once. List your destinations in a .txt file, one per line.

  1. Navigate to Centralized Settings > Destination Lists.
  1. Expand a destination list.
  2. Click Upload.
    The Upload button is only available when you are editing a destination list.
  1. Select or drag and drop a .txt file that contains your destinations and click Apply.

Destinations are added to your destination list in bulk.
Note: If your bulk upload includes unsupported destinations, the upload does not fail, but only supported destinations are successfully added. Unsupported destinations are returned to you in a downloadable spreadsheet that you can use to determine which destinations failed and why.

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  1. Click Save & Close.

Configure Destination Lists < Bulk Upload Destinations > Configure Block Pages