Add a Web Content Category Setting

Content Categories organize destinations—in this case, websites—into categories based on the type of information served; for example, gambling, social networking, or alcohol. To control identity access to these destinations, you can add a Web Content Category setting to Umbrella and then select it when adding a Web policy ruleset's rules. The advantage to adding Web Content Category settings is that you can reuse this setting across multiple rulesets. For a list of all Content Categories and a description for each, see Web Content Categories.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Content Categories and click Add.
  1. Give your setting a good descriptive Setting Name.
  2. From the This Content List is Applied To drop-down list, choose Web Policies.
  3. Select content categories and then click Save.
    This new Content Category setting is now available for selection when you add rules to a ruleset.
    For a list and definition of available categories, see Web Content Categories.

DNS Content Category Changes < Add a Web Content Category Setting > Web Content Categories