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Manage File Type Control

Umbrella's File Type Control feature—enabled through the Web policy wizard—controls which file types are blocked from download. An identity that attempts to download a file type blocked through the Web policy wizard is presented with a Block Page. The requested file cannot be downloaded.

Umbrella checks a file based on its file extension and also uses a detection engine to evaluate the file and determine its type. For example, if a .gif file extension is changed to .xyz, Umbrella still detects that the file is a .gif file. Thus, if your policy is set to block .gif files, but allow .xyz files, Umbrella will still block a .gif file that has had its extension changed to .xyz.

Note: File Type Control is only available for Web policies.

Manage File Type Control < Manage File Type Control > Enable File Type Control

Updated 10 months ago

Manage File Type Control

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