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Manage Domains

Domain Management is used to list domains and IPs that should not be sent directly to Umbrella.

Note: Umbrella packages with SWG support can add internal and external domains. For more information about your current package, see Determine Your Current Package and Cisco Umbrella Packages.

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Configuration > Domain Management and click Add.
    A window opens to add a domain and a description for the domain.

The domains list should be populated with any domains used by your organization to access local resources while on the organization's network (at the physical location or connected through VPN).
Internal Domains is pre-populated with the .local TLD and all RFC-1918 (private network) reverse DNS address space.

Add Internal Domains

  1. Choose Internal Domain from the Domain Type and add a description. The internal domain list cannot exceed 5000 entries.
  1. Name your domain and add a description.
  2. Click the Applies To drop-down to add sites and devices for this domain. By default, all sites and all devices are selected, but individual sites and devices can be selected but can be deselected. In addition to sites and devices, internal domains are also applied to AnyConnect Roaming Security module and the PAC file. "Devices" refers specifically to roaming clients and mobile devices; other types of devices may have other means of rerouting DNS traffic, such as exclusion lists.
  1. Click Save to add the domain to the list.

Add External Domains and IPs

  1. Choose External Domains & IPs from the Domain Type, name your domain/IPv4 or CIDR, and add a description.
  2. External domains can be applied to both PAC file and AnyConnect SWG module. Click Save to add the domain.

Note: Domains and IPs entered added here bypass SWG and connect directly to the destination.

Point Your DNS to Cisco Umbrella < Manage Domains > Bulk Upload External Domains and IPs

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Manage Domains

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