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Enable Cloud Malware Protection

Cloud Malware Protection scans your environment’s cloud platforms for malicious files and any other risks. You can enable more than one instance of a platform. For example, a school administration with an instance of Box for teachers and faculty and another for students, can enable both instances. The result being complete malware protection for Box.

When Cloud Malware Protection finds malicious files, the information is presented in the Cloud Malware Report. You can remediate potential risk by deleting or quarantining a file. For more information, see Use the Cloud Malware Report.

Table of Contents

Authorize a Platform

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  1. Under Platforms, click the platform you wish to authorize.
  1. Click Authorize New Instance to add an instance of this platform to your Umbrella environment. You can authorize more than one instance of the same platform.
    You will be redirected to the specified platform's OAuth login page. Follow the instructions for each platform in the guides below:

Revoke Authorization for a Platform

  1. Navigate to Admin > Authentication.
  2. Under Platforms, click the platform you wish to revoke.
  1. Choose the instance to revoke and click Revoke.
  2. Click Revoke again to complete the process.

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Enable Cloud Malware Protection

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