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Monitor Network Tunnel Status

You can check how many active network tunnels you have through Umbrella's Overview report, or monitor tunnel status through the Network Tunnels page.

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Monitor Tunnel Status from the Network Tunnels Page

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Core Identities > Network Tunnels.
  1. Umbrella lists your tunnels and the status of each.
    • Active—Traffic is traversing the tunnel and has been logged.
    • Inactive—Tunnel is established but currently has no traffic, or its traffic is not being logged.
    • Unestablished—Tunnel has not yet established a connection between a network device and Umbrella.
    • Unknown—Umbrella cannot determine the current status of the tunnel.

View Number of Active Network Tunnels from the Overview Page

You can check how many active network tunnels you have through Umbrella's Overview page.

  1. Navigate to Overview.
  1. In the Deployment Health section, a widget lists the number of active network tunnels you have. A network tunnel is displayed as Active when active traffic is traversing the tunnel and logging is enabled in the default cloud-delivered firewall policy.

Viptela SD-WAN Layer 7 Health Check

For Viptela SD-WAN devices, Umbrella supports Layer 7 health checks of the Cloud Delivered Firewall (CDFW) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) service through the tunnel. Viptela SD-WAN devices support automated tunnel failover between the primary and standby tunnel depending on the result of the Layer 7 health check.

The Layer 7 health check is restricted to the CDFW and SWG services only and a successful health check does not guarantee connectivity beyond these services to the internet.

The URL for the health check is and is only accessible through a tunnel.

For more details, refer to the Cisco SD-WAN Security Configuration Guide.

Configure Tunnels Automatically with Cisco ASA and CDO < Monitor Tunnel Status > Manage Accounts

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Monitor Network Tunnel Status

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