Monitor Tunnel Status

Once you create a network tunnel, you can check its status through Umbrella's Overview page.

A network tunnel is displayed as Active when two conditions are met:

  • Active traffic is traversing the tunnel
  • Logging is enabled in the default cloud-delivered firewall policy

For more information about tunnel status, see What is the difference between Active Network Tunnels and Network Tunnel Status?

For Viptela SD-WAN devices, Umbrella supports Layer 7 health checks of the Cloud Delivered Firewall (CDFW) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) service through the tunnel. Viptela SD-WAN devices support automated tunnel failover between the primary and standby tunnel depending on the result of the Layer 7 health check.

The Layer 7 health check is restricted to the CDFW and SWG services only, and a successful health check does not guarantee connectivity beyond these services to the Internet.

For more details, refer to the Cisco SD-WAN Security Configuration Guide.

Manual: Fortinet IPsec Deployment Guide < Monitor Tunnel Status > Manage Accounts