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Add DNS Security Settings

Cisco Umbrella groups harmful destinations into categories of security threat, which allows you to block identity access to those destinations. Configure DNS security settings that you can reuse when adding DNS policies to Umbrella.

Note: The availability of various security settings differs between DNS and Web policies.

Configure Settings

  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > Security Settings and click Add.
  2. Give your Security Setting a good descriptive Setting Name.
  3. From the This Security List is Applied To drop-down list, choose DNS Policies.
  4. Select security settings and then click Save. For a list of all security settings and a description for each, see DNS Security Category Definitions.
    This new DNS security setting is now available for selection when you add a DNS policy.
  5. You can also optionally select integrations. For more information, see Integrations.

Manage Security Settings < Add DNS Security Settings > Add Web Security Settings

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Add DNS Security Settings

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