Reset a Signature's Action

After building a custom IPS signature list, you can edit it at any time. For information on adding a custom signature list, see Add a Custom Signature List.



  1. Navigate to Policies > Policy Components > IPS Signature Lists.
  1. Under Custom IPS Signature Lists, click the list you want to edit. The list expands.
  1. Click the More Actions menu and click View Overrides to view the list of signatures that have been moved.
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  1. Click the More Actions menu and click Edit List. Locate the signature you want to reset and click Reset to System Default in the More Actions menu for that signature. A prompt appears asking you to confirm your choice.
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  1. Click Move. The signature you reset is now set back to its original action from the default list your custom list is based on.
  1. Click Save to finish editing your custom signature list.

Delete a Custom Signature List < Reset a Signature's Action > Manage Security Settings