Disable Two-Step Verification

After enabling two-step verification, you can disable it at any time. To enable two-step verification, see Enable Two-Step Verification.


  • You must be logged into the Umbrella account you want to disable two-step verification on. You can view whether another administrator has two-step verification turned on, but you cannot change another administrator's settings.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Accounts and click the administrator name you're logged in as.
  1. In the Two-Step Verification area, click Disable. You are sent a final security code to disable two-step verification.
  1. Enter your password—the one you use to log into the dashboard with—along with the six-digit code you just received, then click Disable Two-Step Verification.
    Two-factor verification is now disabled for your account.

Enable Two-Step Verification < Disable Two-Step Verification > Enable Cisco Security Cloud Sign On