Verify Umbrella with Meraki

You can verify the configuration and operation of Umbrella on your Meraki-administrated device.

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In the Meraki SM, your profile now has a new setting: “Umbrella DNS Proxy”.
This setting was pushed from the Umbrella dashboard.


Verify Local Operation on the iOS Device

Check the Meraki Profile.

  1. On your phone, tap Settings > General.
    The MDM profile is listed under Device Management.
  1. Tap Meraki Management.
    Verify that Web Content Filter is now listed. This is your confirmation that the updated profile has been pushed to the iOS device.
  1. Tap More Details.
  1. Tap Cisco Umbrella DNS Proxy.
    Notice the App:
    The Provider Bundle:
    These indicate that the profile is working correctly.
169 169
  1. Navigate back to Meraki Management and tap Restrictions.
  1. Tap Web Content Filter.
  1. Review the Plugin Bundle ID This indicates that the profile is working correctly.

Verify Umbrella

  1. In the Cisco Security app, tap Status.
  1. Tap Protected by Umbrella.
    CSC lists connection details.
    Note: IPv6 is listed as Unprotected because this device does not have an IPv6 address.

Verify Clarity

Cisco Security App

  1. In the Cisco Security app, tap Status.
  1. Tap Protected by Clarity.
    The CSUC list connection details.
    Note: If CSC is enabled and registered, but not connected, generate some new web traffic and try again.

Upgrade the Cisco Security Connector

When an updated version of the Cisco Security Connector is available, it will be pushed to the App Store and updated from there.

Uninstall the Cisco Security Connector

For information about removing apps from managed devices, see Meraki SM's documentation.

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