Supported Applications

The Real Time DLP rules inspect the content of all Umbrella proxied web requests matching the identities and destinations selected in the Real Time rules of the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy. When a Real Time DLP rule is configured with Select Destination Lists and Applications for Inclusion, Umbrella scans for data violations every web request matching the rule’s applicable identities and targeting a destination matching the rule-configured destinations. A web request can be a web form or a file upload. File uploads can be scanned for matches with the selected data classifications in the file content, file name, or either. Moreover, a file upload can be scanned for the presence of document properties matching the rule’s File Labels settings. For more information, see Add a Real Time Rule to the Data Loss Prevention Policy.

Verified applications also support other workflows besides file uploads. For example, if the rule is configured to Select Destination Lists and Applications for Inclusion and Yahoo Mail is chosen as an application to scan for content, the policy can scan for file uploads, emails sent, and draft emails saved. Violations within these workflows are then blocked or monitored, depending on the action selected in the rule. However, some applications have limitations when scanning for file names of file uploads. For example, the DLP policy can scan Dropbox for file uploads, but the file name can not be scanned.

Umbrella's DLP Real Time rules currently support the following verified applications and their workflows:

ApplicationSupported WorkflowsFile Name Limitations
Box Cloud StorageFile upload
ChatGPTCreate conversation
OpenAI ChatGPT APIRequest and Response of Chat and Completions
Concur InvoiceReceipt upload
ConfluenceFile upload; edit a file

Note: To scan file uploads, you must select Atlassian and Confluence as destinations for the DLP rule.
DLPTest.comSubmit test message; File upload
DropboxFile upload; Dropbox Paper file upload; Dropbox Paper add comment; Dropbox Paper update commentFile names of file uploads are not scanned.

Note: File names of files uploaded to Dropbox Paper are scanned.
Facebook MessengerUpload a file to chat
GmailSend email; attach a file; save a draft; send an email (classic); save a draft (classic)
JiraCreate a ticket (epic/story/task/subtask/bug/customer issue/customer request) description; upload an attachment to a newly created ticket (Atlassian must also be selected); add a comment to a ticket; edit a comment in a ticket; edit description

Note: To scan file uploads, you must select Atlassian and Jira as destinations for the DLP rule.
LinkedIn SlideShareFile upload; publish content after a file upload; edit a published slide; edit privacy settings of a post; report content as inappropriate; upload thoughts and ideas on a slideshare; like a thought or slide; upload files from a Cloud app (Dropbox, GDrive, Box, Gmail, OneDrive); share content using linkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
MondayCreate workspace; create board; add item-update with file upload; add an item–update reply with file upload; add a message to Text column; add text to Long Text column; add an update with a file upload to a sub-item; reply to a sub-item update with a file upload; add a local file to File column; add an email address or text to Email column; upload a file to a shared form; add text to the dashboard text widget;
PasteBinPost a message
SalesForceFile upload; upload file via chatter; write a post in chatter; write a note;
ServiceNowService management post incident; service automation post incident
ShareFileCreate note; create request list; upload a file to a task; create a task; add task comment; send an invite to a new user; share a file; file upload; submit a form; remote upload a form; create a file drop; share a file via email; send an emailFile names of files uploaded to ShareFile storage are not scanned.
SlackFile upload; post a message in a channel
SmartSheetFile upload; upload attachment to a form; add comment to a form
WeTransferFile upload; upload a file to a messageFile names of files uploaded to WeTransfer are not scanned.
WorkDay HCMAdd an address; edit an address; add text to a field; upload a file
Yahoo MailUpload file; send an email; save a draft

Understand Exclusions in a Real Time Rule < Supported Applications > Add a SaaS API Rule to the Data Loss Prevention Policy