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Understand Exclusions in a Real Time Rule

The data loss prevention policy evaluates all active rules against the web requests in your environment. The policy will only scan the content of the web request for the data classifications attached to the rules that match the identity and destination of the evaluated request. Exclusions enable you to narrow your data classifications monitoring to specific applications and destinations. For example, if you have a rule to monitor data classifications for an application, but want to exclude some domains or URLs from being scanned, you can exclude a destination list with those domains. Traffic through that application will be scanned with the exception of the destination list excluded.

Within the context of a Real Time rule, exclusions will always override inclusions. For example, if a rule states that a domain on one list is excluded but the same domain is included on another destination list, the domain will automatically be excluded for the rule.

Add a Real Time Rule to the Data Loss Prevention Policy < Understand Exclusions in a Real Time Rule > Edit a Real Time Rule

Updated 5 months ago

Understand Exclusions in a Real Time Rule

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