Verify and Debug

This section includes information on how to verify the deployment of Cisco Security for Chromebook client, and debugging, where necessary.


To verify the deployment:

  1. Verify if the DoH template and the salt value configured on the Google Admin console are propagated to the device. To do this:
    1. Ensure that the user is in the same organizational unit as the one in which the salt value and the DoH template are configured.
    2. From the Chrome browser on the Chromebook device, go to chrome://policy.
    3. Search for DNS and check the values of the DnsOverHttpsSalt and DnsWithHttpsTemplatesWithIdentifiers properties.
  1. Verify if the DoH template resolution with the email ID or serial number is as configured on the DoH template.
  2. Navigate to Chromebook Setting > Security and Privacy > Use Secure DNS.
  1. Go to and check if it is blocked.


To debug:

  1. From the Google Admin console, navigate to Devices > Chrome > Settings > User & browsers settings.
  1. Select the organizational unit, and using the filter, search for Developer Tools.
  1. Set Always allow use of built-in developer tools.



After you have debugged, ensure that you change the setting because Cisco Security for Chromebook client is a force-installed extension.

Deploy the Chromebook Client > Verify and Debug > Protection Status