Determine Your Current Package

Not all of Umbrella's features are available to all Umbrella packages. Your licensing package determines which Umbrella features are available to you as well as the level of support available to you: email only or phone and email. Your current package is listed on Umbrella's Licensing page.

If you encounter a feature described in Umbrella's documentation that you do not have access to, review your current package through the Licensing page and compare it to package information listed at Cisco Umbrella Packages. For more information about your current package, contact your sales representative.

Note: Over the years, Umbrella packages have changed. Depending on when you first started using Umbrella, your listed licensing package may differ from what is available for new deployments of Umbrella. For more information, contact your sales representative.



  1. Navigate to Admin > Licensing.
    Your current package is listed. For more information about this package, see Cisco Umbrella Packages.

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