Customize Block and Warn Pages

For both DNS and Web policies, you can customize the appearance of Umbrella block pages or redirect an identity to a custom page. For the Web policy, you can also customize the appearance of warn pages.

Once you have created a custom block or warn page, it is available for selection when configuring a policy. Note that the settings you create though Umbrella's Policy Component section do not become active until they are integrated into a policy. There are no restrictions as to the type of policy a customized block page can be applied; however, warn pages are only available to the Web policy for content categories. A Warn page, once clicked through, allows content access for one hour. After one hour, the Warn page reappears and the user must click through again to access the requested destination.

Note: To preview work, you must have your DNS set to Umbrella's resolvers.

Customize Umbrella's PAC File < Customize Block and Warn Pages > Create a Custom Block Page