Manage Application Settings

Umbrella's Application settings organize application-based destinations into categories based on the type of processes or services provided; for example, shopping, education, or human resources. You can create DNS and Web Application settings through Umbrella's policy component as well as configure Application settings within the DNS policy wizard or Web policy ruleset's rules. Once saved, these Application settings are globally available to all of your DNS policies or Web policy ruleset's rules. This saves you the time of having to make the same selections multiple times when adding multiple DNS policies or Web policy ruleset's rules.

When Umbrella adds a new application to category, it automatically adds that application to all Application settings that include that entire category. For each DNS Application list, the new application will use the same default action as that applies to the Application category as a whole.

Note: It is not possible to search for an application with fewer than three letters in its name—for example, "QQ" or "YY". These applications must be manually picked from the tree under their respective categories or wildcarded in search—for example, "QQ*". This behavior is by design.

Individual Data Identifiers < Manage Application Settings > Add a DNS Application Setting