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[Draft] Secure Umbrella Roaming: Cisco Secure Client (Formerly AnyConnect)

Umbrella Packages

Not all features described here are available to or compatible with all Umbrella packages. To determine your current package, navigate to Admin > Licensing. For more information, see Determine Your Current Package.

If you encounter a feature described here that you do not have access to, contact your sales representative for more information. See also, Cisco Umbrella Packages.

Note: For additional information about AnyConnect deployments, see the Cisco Secure Client Mobility Client Administrator Guide.

Cisco Secure Client (formerly AnyConnect) is a unified agent for Cisco endpoint software deployments. This unified agent can be deployed in a number of methods. For more information, see Deploy Umbrella for Cisco Secure Client.

Minimum AnyConnect Software Version

Cisco recommends that you always use the latest version of Cisco Secure Client unless otherwise noted in an advisory. Versions may be controlled via Device Management or the SecureX Insights page.

Introduction < Secure Umbrella Roaming: Cisco Secure Client (Formerly AnyConnect) > Quick Start Guide

Updated 8 months ago

[Draft] Secure Umbrella Roaming: Cisco Secure Client (Formerly AnyConnect)

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